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  • Bass Lessons

    Acoustic and/or electric bass lessons are available at Scherzo Music School. Lessons may be 30, 45, or 60 minutes long, once or twice a week, and school enrollment is ongoing.

    Bass lessons at Scherzo Music School are an excellent way to introduce children to the benefits of music education. Bass lessons focus on many aspects of musicality such as ear training, proper technique, sight-reading, etc. Students and parents are encouraged to set goals to encourage and easily measure progress. These goals can include events or services offered by Scherzo Music School, which are performance recitals, performing for and/or with peers, or taking standardized music exams like the ABRSM.

    We know choosing the best approach is difficult when it comes to bass lessons. Finding the proper teacher and time in your schedule can be problematic, that’s why Scherzo Music School works as a team to help oversee the education of each musician. Before and after every lesson, the school coordinators are available to help keep clients current with the enrollment process and the progress of each student.

    There are two general types of bass: acoustic and electric. Both are string instruments played by using the non-dominant hand on the fretboard to affect pitch, while the dominant hand either plucks, picks, slaps, etc. the strings to cause vibrations that produce sound. The acoustic bass may also be played with a bow. The bass is an extremely versatile and ubiquitous instrument found in every musical setting and genre imaginable. Orchestral and folk music primarily use the acoustic bass - also called double bass, string bass, or upright bass. Other genres such as jazz and pop use both acoustic and electric bass, while rock music primarily uses electric bass.