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  • Core Music Program

    The Core Music program at Scherzo Music School is a hybrid program that combines group classes with individual instruction. The program is a weekly 45 min. group lesson with a maximum of 6 students and a weekly individual lesson for 30, 45 or 1 hr. lesson once or twice a week. The programs is a more rigorous and intensive approach than the individual lessons and prepares students for taking AP high school music classes, Standardized Music Tests, College Auditions and explore composition.

    The Core Music program classes are widely varied in content and include topics on musicianship, theory, harmony, basic composition, analysis, music history, music appreciation, ear training, note and rhythm reading.

  • Options

    Students may opt for any of the following instruments:

    • Violin/Viola
    • Cello
    • Voice
    • Recorder/Flute
    • Guitar/Ukulele


    Student may opt for:

    • ABRSM Standardized Music Exam
    • AP Theory
    • Digital Music and/or Composition
    • College Audition


  • Fees



    Registration Fee: $50 (New and Re-entry Students)

    12 weeks program

    3 payments plan


    1 payment plan

    Core Music Class +

    30 min. individual

    352 1,056

    Core Music Class +

    45 min. individual

     448  1,344

    Core Music Class +

    60 min. Individual

     544  1,632


    *2.5% discount applies to check or cash payments