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  • Guitar Lessons

    Come learn to play the guitar at Scherzo Music School! Lessons can be scheduled in 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons once or twice per week, and enrollment is ongoing. Guitar lessons are focused on a solid foundation of proper technique and repertoire for the instrument. In addition to learning the specific instrument, the lessons include basics in musicality, such as note reading, ear training, and music theory. The lessons also expose students to different styles and genres of guitar music, so once a student learns the basics, he/she will have the option to choose their favorite style(s) of music. Enrollees can opt for lessons on an acoustic or electric guitar.

  • The Guitar

    The main difference between acoustic and electric is that the electric must be plugged into an amplifier and it is ideal for bands. On the other hand, an acoustic has a more subdued tone and is very versatile. It can also be played while singing, making it an ideal choice for those who are interested in vocal performance, or experienced vocalists looking for an instrument to accompany their singing. Scherzo Music School offers options for students who want to play guitar and develop their singing skills.

    Both acoustic and electric guitars come in different sizes, types of bodies and strings. It is important to consider the size, as well as the type of string when purchasing or renting an instrument. Our teachers will be available to have an assessment and help parents and students to make the best decision regarding the best type and size for each student's needs. Scherzo Music School has a rental program that allows students to rent and change sizes when necessary without an additional charge. Click here for information about rentals.