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    Effective December 25th, 2017 and subject to change...


      • The school calendar is year round with flexible periods from June 24, 2018 - August 11, 2018 and December 23, 2018 - January 5, 2019.
      • The School DOES NOT observe all federal holidays. Please refer to the School calendar.
      • Lessons are considered ongoing and recurring. To discontinue, please see below.


      • Skipping lessons is not allowed, except during flexible scheduling periods. Please refer to the School calendar.
      • If the School or teacher cancels lessons, students will either be assigned a substitute teacher, an alternate schedule, or a make up credit.
      • Student cancellations and reschedules must be done in writing with at least 48 hours notice to be granted a make up credit. All cancellations will be charged. Skipping lessons is not allowed, except in case of hardship. All other situations will be resolved on a case by case basis.
      • Cancellations less than 48 hours will be charged and are ineligible to make up or reschedule.
      • If the student is sick, the lesson(s) should be cancelled. Make up credits will be provided in the case of illness.


    • NO-SHOWS
      • No-shows are ineligible for make ups.
      • Three no-shows will result in losing your current schedule day, time and teacher. You will be notified when this happens.
      • All no-shows will be charged; no exceptions.


      • The school must be notified 15 days prior to discontinuing lessons.


      • Make up credits expire 90 days from the date of the cancelled lesson. Credits cannot be taken after suspending lessons and cannot replace regular lessons.
      • The School will make an effort to accommodate make up requests.
      • Students are responsible for scheduling make ups with the front desk before the expiration date.
      • Make ups are subject to teacher availability. The School reserves the right to assign an alternate instructor in the event that the teacher cannot make up a lesson.
      • Any other circumstance not covered in this policy will be resolved on a case-by-case basis.


      • The School offers four recitals per year. Information can be obtained at the front desk or the bulletin board.
      • ABRSM Exams are offered throughout the year. The exam dates and enrollment deadlines are set by the ABRSM organization and posted on the bulletin board.
      • Students are strongly encouraged to participate in either an exam or recital once per year.


    • Billing, Payments & Discounts
      • There is a non-refundable registration fee of $50 for new and re-entry students.
        • Placing lessons on hold for more than 30 days will require a new registration fee to be paid.
      • A credit card on file is REQUIRED to enroll in lessons.
      • Credit cards will be automatically charged on the 25th of each month for the following month’s lessons and any open invoices.
      • Invoices will be sent by the 15th of every month for the following month’s lessons.
      • There is a sibling discount of 2.5%.
        • Payment must be paid by cash or check to receive discounts.
      • Late fees will be applied on the 26th of each month.
        • Payment arrangements can be made with the front desk to avoid this situation.
      • Reminder emails of outstanding invoices will be sent on the 26th of each month.
      • The School will charge a $30 fee for bounced checks and a $15 fee for late payments.
        1. Payment arrangements can be made with the front desk to avoid this situation.


    • Rates & Fees


    • Registration Fee: $50.00.
      • Applies to new and re-entry students.
    • See Current Rates below.
      • Senior Faculty: Abigail and Aurelio.

                              Rate 1               Rate 2 – Senior Faculty

    15-min. lesson    $24.50               $26.00

    30 min. lesson    $49.00               $52.00

    45 min. lesson    $73.50               $78.00

    60 min. lesson    $98.00               $104.00