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  • Jeanette Zaragoza

    I was born and raised in San Mateo. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Music from San Francisco State University in 2016. During my studies at San Francisco State University, I received private flute lessons for two semesters from Linda Lukas, who plays flute for the San Francisco Symphony. I also played flute in the Wind Ensemble at SFSU for four semesters. I began playing flute at the age of 11, and when I received an acknowledgement for being one of the best flute players in my fifth grade class, I knew that I was going to play music for the rest of my life. In addition to playing flute, I also play alto saxophone and clarinet. In 2011, I had the wonderful opportunity to play alto saxophone alongside my uncle in a Latin band called Sabor Tequila, which means “Tequila Flavor.” While I played in the band, I grew as a musician because I learned that I did not have to be as scared to perform in front of an audience because music brings people together, and most of all I get to share my talent and love for music with them as well.

    My favorite flutist I enjoy listening to is Rhonda Larson. If I could have the opportunity to perform any kind of music it would be Rhonda Larson’s style of music because it fills me with emotion. Another artist I enjoy listening to is alto saxophonist Kenny G and The Sax Pack because like Rhonda Larson, they play with emotion and that is what makes music especially beautiful. As a private instructor at the Scherzo Music School, I want to share my passion and love for music with my students. While it is important for them to improve in their instrument, it is just as important for them to come to love playing music because when you love music, you put in the emotion that a piece needs to make it sound perfect and beautiful. The most important goal I would like for my students to achieve is to improve their playing while at the same time having fun playing music. As a musician, there is nothing in the world I would rather do than earn a living doing what I love most, which is teaching and performing music.