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  • Xiaolin Zhang


    Xiaolin Zhang, pianist and music educator, is majoring in Music Education at San Francisco State University where she studies with Dr. Victoria Neve. Additionally, she is a singer in the University Chorus. Xiaolin was awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment in the piano playing and music theory from the Central Conservatory of Music in China. Xiaolin was born in Harbin, China which was honorarily titles as the "City of Music" by UNESCO. Harbin is also famous for its International Ice and Snow Festival. In this beautiful city, Xiaolin started her music journey when she was six years old. She took intense private piano and voice classes with teachers from the top music schools in China - the Central Conservatory of Music and Shenyang Conservatory of Music. Xiaolin speaks Mandarin and English.

    Xiaolin believes that Music is one of the most beautiful languages in the world and she loves all types of music. Chopin is her favorite Romantic composer because not only is Chopin the greatest composer ever, but he was also an excellent piano teacher. Xiaolin has been teaching piano since she arrived in the U.S. As a teacher, Xiaolin gives maximum love to students in order to achieve her goal of getting all her students to love music and get interested in all types of music. Her teaching philosophy is to find a balance between truly enjoying music and the proper encouragement to work hard, focus, and improve. Each musical concept is taught thoroughly - based on the child’s comprehension and readiness. Xiaolin also instructs her students in ear training and rhythm exercises. She believes all students deserve a wonderful music journey in their lives.